A Brief History of Riverglen Jr High

Riverglen Junior High School was established in August of 1998.  Superintendent Dr. Tony Dennis cut the red ribbon at the school's dedication, Friday, September 8th.  The principal, Stan Holton, said at the dedication ceremony that “It is a very exciting moment for me, to be a principal at a new school. “

The 1998 staff of Riverglen were:  Stan Holton, Principal; Sandy Wargo, Vice Principal; Keith Adams, Paul Anderson, Patti Bellan, Renee Bodziachowski, Bill Braden, Janine Brookover, Teresa Bustamante, Tess Buys, Dale Chase, Christy Corpus, Marily Cosho, Grace Dalpiaz, Geanine Davis, Nate Dennis, Thayne Ellsworth, Teri Fahrer, Travis Fredrickson, Carrie Hastriter, Susan Hiibel, Marianne Irvine, Bobi Johnson, Kathy Jones, Peggy Jones, Taki Jones, Sandra Krause, Lisa Law, Bill Long, Terry Lostrom, Joe Lothrop, Diana Lukenbill, Kathleen Malone, Ed Martinez, Brigitte Ryther (nee McVickers), Mary Lou Morrisey, Judy Myers, Mary Nagler, Lou Pagano, Jacque Parenti, Karen Patterson, Marge Penfold, Roger Piper-Ruth, Kathi Raynor, Cindy Reed, Fern Rehl, Mike Rhinard, Julia Rice, Vicky Robertson, Dianne Ruxton, Delia Ryan, John Schultz, Elizabeth Senkbeil, Julie Smith, Becky Spears, Adrienne Stark, Kris Ablin-Stone, Dorota Trachimowicz, Tom Unger, Trent Waibel, and Marca Yarbrough.

The English Language Academy was also opened at Riverglen in 1998, which consisted of 100 students  who were learning English as a second language.  It remained at Riverglen until 2008, when it moved to Jackson Elementary.

In August of 2004 the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center was established at Riverglen, under the leadership of Dr. Holly MacLean.